Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The "BFF Tag" with Luna and Tonks

'Lo there,
It's Luna and Tonks.
We decided to do the BFF tag and share our answers on here!


Tonks in Blue

Luna in Green

When and where did you first meet? Do you remember what you were wearing, or why you were in the same place at the same time?

Hmm.. I remember first meeting Luna during our First Communion class. She was the nice girl, who I would try to talk to at times. I think I was wearing a plaid skirt, and a black blouse. We were there because we were in the same class
Haha! I remember that.
We met in Communion class. I don't remember much about then, but I remember you carried around your music binder and I think pages kept coming out.

What are the top 5 movies that your best friend simply can’t live without?
Hahaha! Lets see here.. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Nightmare before Christmas(SHE CAN BARELY GO A DAY WITHOUT IT), Some Harry Potter movie, Pride and Prejudice, annnnnd… Frozen… I think…
My five most favorite movies are The Nightmare Before Christmas, Pride and Prejudice, the Harry Potter Movies (they count as one), The Princess Bride, and the Narnia movies (they count as one.)
I think Tonk's are: Titanic, Newsies, An Affair to Remember, Soul Surfer, and the Harry Potter movies. 
If your friend had one job in the world that he or she could do forever, what would it be?
Dancing. Luna lurves to boogey down.. XD She is a ballerina. 
Tonks would do something with medicine or marine animals.

What is the one thing about your friend that you admire most?
Only ONE?! C’mon now. That’s not fair. Hmm… Her loyalty… Although her creativity is very interesting…
My gosh, there are lots of things I admire about her. One is her courage.

Based on your friend’s style, what type of clothes would they feel most comfortable wearing? A shirt / blouse, or a simple tee?
A simple tee… I don’t know. I don’t really know clothes very well…  
A simple tee with a scarf to dress it up.

What is the one inside joke that you and your best friend share together? You can only pick one!
Well this is just cruel. Only one… Well.. I’m not sure if this classifies as a “joke” but we have interesting nicknames for friends and other people. 
Right-o. Admit it Tonks, I make the most amazing names there are whether you like them or not. XD
In your dreamiest dreams Luna.
Be honest. What is the one thing that your friend says or does that drives you absolutely insane?
Hmm... Only one again? ;) Kidding. I’d say when she doesn’t value herself, it really gets me down because she is amazing. 
Aww, thank you m'dear. When she's utterly and terribly dramatic about things that worry me. Sometimes she'll go on about dying about things and I'm like...terrified.

 What is the very last book that your best friend read? When did they read it?
Are ye kiddin me here? We go through books like the ice-cream- man goes through ice cream on a hot summer day! I know its not the Phantom of the Opera.. Unless the ice-cream man had a slow day… Maybe he did :O
'Twas a lovely book called "The Shadow of the Bear. I think you read an Agatha Christies book, most recently.
If your friend has a nickname or many nicknames, what are they? What do they mean?
HAHAHA!! Brilliant. She has many MANY nicknames Luna, Taco, Beth, Rose, Lady Pauline, Prim, Katie, Shark Girl… They are mostly all from books, or pieces of literature that we have written.
Hehe...funny how strange they look when written out like that...hehe *laughs nervously*
Tonks goes by Tonks, Donna, Lavender, Evalyn, Katniss, Angela, Maria, etc. etc.

Your friend is on stage with a crowd of people listening to every word he or she says, what would your friend say?
She would probably either pass out,  give them her infamous glare (do I really have an infamous glare?) , in her head plot some sort of odd death, OR she would say something along the lines of “GET YER SORRY SELVES OUT OF MY BUSINESS!”
*looks around* Alright then, Tonks. #writerprobz
I think you'd say something very funny and charming because you have #peopleskillz

What phobias does your best friend have that only you know about?
Wouldn’t you like to know?? ;)
I think Tonks fears being lonely.
Your friend has the opportunity of a lifetime to meet anyone in the world. Who would he or she choose to meet?
WOW that’s awesome. Uh Luna Lovegood. OBVIOUSLY! Or Peter Pevensie… *snickers*
Unless we are talking people who aren’t *whispers* fictional
J.K. Rowling? That Lemony Snicket person/writer, that dancer she really likes… Not 100% sure here.

Haha, there are numerous people I'd like to meet. Right now, I want to talk to Regina Doman about writing. Hmmm...Tonks, you do want to meet a lot of people. Probably one of her favorite actors or singers. I'm going to go with Ramin Karimloo.  I mean, if you didn't faint on the car ride there.

What movie genre would your best friend watch? Horror? Chick-flicks? Comedy? Action? Drama?

Well, watching horror movies would be very pleasant, although she would probably freak if there was a spider. Chick-flicks aren’t really her thing, comedy would be hilarious, Action… Maybe.. Drama… Perhaps… Maybe Action??

Ew. Spiders. You know, the other day one nearly dropped on my head.

Tonks likes dramatic things. So drama. With singing.
And pizza.

Everyone has that ideal partner or spouse that they would love to be with. Who is your friend's ideal partner or date?
Oh, hilarious. You just can't leave me and my fictional dudes alone can you?
Tonks would go for a smart, funny, and kind boy that's not exactly handsome, but cute.
Your friend reaches into their pocket to pull out an item. What three items does your friend always carry with them no matter where they are going?
A notebook, a pen, and… Bertie Botts every flavor beans?? :D
*shudders* I spit the rotten egg one out the window with the intentions of never having one again.
But-we simply MUST share with our readers that video of you eating the vomit one.
Okay, I'm back after falling off my chair laughing. Tonks would have a book, another book (for if she finishes the first before she can get home and is stranded without another), and her infinity scarf. 


Thank you for reading! 

P.S. Tonks has begun blogging again. You can check out her personal blog here. She is still working on the design and such. :)


  1. Not trying to be a bother, but you've not tagged anyone.


    1. It's more of a fun, non-obligatory tag, but if you have a friend (or multiple) feel free to do it!
      You're Just as Sane as I am,

  2. YESSS NEWSIES. I've not seen the movie (off to do that now!) but I recently saw the musical and it is AMAZING. King of New York and Brooklyn's Here are my two favorite songs.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality


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