Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wrock. (Wizard rock)

Hello there! Tonks reporting fer duty! As you may have previously guessed, this post is ALL ABOUT Harry Potter inspired bands!!! First of all, let me just say that it is GREAT to be back on the Potter Post, and thanks to our wonderful readers for stickin with us!
Now, these are just groups of wrockin people who play... Harry Potter themed songs. XD

Wrock, is "Wizard Rock". Can't you just see a bunch of teenage wizards at a Wrock concert? Probably drinking butterbeer, and swaying their wands in the air. Here are three bands, that I think do justice to the Wizarding World.

Our first band up, is Harry and the Potters.  (real original name, am I right? ;) )
Harry and the Potters are made up of two brothers, Joe and Paul DeGeorge. They are great guys, and are deeply involved with the Harry Potter Alliance.
Now, if you want to listen to their infamous song,"I am a Wizard", just click HEREEE! 

Our second band up, is... Draco and the Malfoys. (Yes I know, these names are SO original!)
Draco and the Malfoys is made up of two half brothers, Brian Ross, and Bradley Melanbacher... I think I spelled that right... Anyways, click HEEERE!! to listen to their wrockin hit "In Which I Kick Harry Potter in the Face".

Our last band is the Ministry of Magic. This cool band is made up of Luke Conard, Jason Munday, Aaron Nodrkye, Ryan Seiler, Mark Jennings, and Jeremy Jennings. :)
Click HEEEERE!!! to listen to their jammin song, "The Bravest Man I ever knew."
Oh, and of course an honorable mention to the Weird Sisters! Click HEEEEEEERE!!! to listen to "Do the Hippogriff"... ITS IN THE FOURTH MOVIE!!!! :) Was I the only one who loved that whole Yule Ball scene? I mean Hermione and Viktor wrockin out to this song.... Hahaha. I loved it.

Have a wrockin day!!


  1. These are hilarious! And the yule ball scene is what makes the fourth movie my favorite! Besides the fact that I watched it the first time with you. ;D
    You're Just As Sane as I Am,

    1. Aww gee yer so sweet. ;)
      I know right! I was cracking up at the lyrics and the band names.


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